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Monster Movie (1969) Spoon Records

Soundtracks (1970) Spoon Records

Unlimited Edition (1976) – compilation, includes all the tracks on earlier Limited Edition, Spoon Records

Delay 1968 (1981) Spoon Records – compilation

Rite Time (1989) Mute Records  – reunion album

Until the End of the World, (1991) Warner/Chappell – soundtrack

Anthology (1994) Spoon Records – compilation

Wavelength Infinity: A Sun Ra Tribute (1995) Rastascan Records

Sacrilege (1997) Spoon Records – compilation

Kama Sutra: Vollendung der Liebe (2009) Crippled Dick Hot Wax! – compilation

The Lost Tapes (2012) Spoon Records – compilation, 3-CD and 5-LP box set

Malcolm Mooney and the Tenth Planet (1998)

7" picture disc single (2005), The Unfortunate Miracle label

Confusion Formula Vol. 5 (2006) – compilation, The Unfortunate Miracle label

Hysterica (2006) P-Vine Japan, limited release

inCANtations (2011) Milviason Records

All Ten Fingers (2002), Twisted Nerve Records

Salted Tangerines (2002), 7", Single Sided, Limited Edition, orange transparent vinyl, Twisted Nerve Records

Rip Van Winkle (2003) with Dave Tyack, Twisted Nerve Records

White Columns: with Mooney (2011) with Luis Tovar and Alexis Marcelo, The Sound Of White Columns

Modern Kosmology (2017) Jane Weaver, Fire Records – compilation

Pavees Dance: There's Always the Night (2014) Sean Noonan, Noonanmusic

Tan Man's Hat (2019) Sean Noonan, RareNoise Records

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