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As a visual artist I combine elements of abstraction, drawing and collage to produce works that are imbued with references to music, and steeped in everyday life. There is a physical rendering of sound; a visual music steeped in improvisation that is integral to my creative practice. Materials are scraped away and re-introduced and, in doing so, the formal elements of composition are revealed in the liminal space of intuition. It is through the palette, along with the use of space, perspective, chiaroscuro, and composition that the mood is set for eliciting feelings of empathy and curiosity.

The artists Ed Clark and Gregory Edwards inspired the "Vermont Series" with their use of push brooms and large Chinese brushes.  I decided to paint images with a color palette limited to black, white and red, using mops.  The title Red Lining is taken from the discriminatory practice in black inner-city neighborhoods. HHC1 and HHC2 are named after Hilary's Horse Comb paintings, where I used a horse comb to stamp black dots on the canvas.

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